About Elvira M. Sabatino

Elvira at the age of 5, migrated to New York, from Sicily, with her parents, As a child Elvira was very creative and because of that reason people would attribute her unusual behaviors and expressions to ‘”Oh she’s so Artistic” was the explanation.
Elvira remembers very clearly experiencing many unexplainable emotions, events and experiences.
For example, “knowing” what people were feeling or thinking.. Or ( what she descibes as “time stood still moments” ) when she knew what was going to happen or to pay attention to what was happening because it had a deep meaning. .
Her childhood and young adulthood seemed normal to anyone looking in at her life . Because of her strict parents, she was thankfully protected, for the most part, from the influences of the culture in her time, It was tumultuous never the Less because of so many unexplainable events.
Elvira wasn’t brought up in a religious environment, due to the fact that both her parents weren’t practicing Catholics, (except for major Catholic Holidays.) They seem to believe that just being Italian made them religious. On her own Elvira found herself always drawn to the Catholic Church, which as a child she walked there alone to visit. She remembers sitting there transcended into a different space and time.
Elvira was attacked supernaturally from a very young age and these strange happenstance continue throughout her Life. As she experienced these attacks, they only drew her closer to God, she was taught of the “realities” in the truths thatGod proclaims,………… These many experiences could be bothDiabolical and Divine… t
Elvira has many talents and expressions of creative abilities, She is an accomplished fine artist in which she received first prizes in fine art different competitive exhibits.
Elvira was told in a dream to “feed my children” to her it meant explaining Faith in God, the how’s and whys it is the most Important subject a child should learn.. After 17 years teaching C.C.D. in her small town parish, it became exceedingly more important to reach as many children as possible..
Elvira is in the process of writing Christian Childrens Books That will coming out shortly. Elvira has already Illustrated Two Childrens Books.
Elvira wants to make a difference in these dark times toHighlight the simplicity if what can be accomplished if we asA collective whole return back to God. Elvira prays that her entire life will be a testimony of Gods Endless Mercy, his Power, Providence and Love will change humanity.