About the Author

Elvira at the age of 5, migrated to New York, from Sicily, with her parents, As a child Elvira was very creative and because of that reason people would attribute her unusual behaviors and expressions to ‘”Oh she’s so Artistic” was the explanation.
Elvira remembers very clearly experiencing many unexplainable emotions, events and experiences.
For example, “knowing” what people were feeling or thinking.. Or ( what she descibes as “time stood still moments” ) when she knew what was going to happen or to pay attention to what was happening because it had a deep meaning. .

About the book

After decades of being silent, Counselor turned Author, Elvira has Published BELIEVE, just part one , of her Journals. It is imperative for everyone and anyone to make a difference and stand up. against the many EVILS unleashed on Mankind
BELIEVE was locked away until now. A collection of actual events of unexplainable metaphysical and supernatural events.
Elvira hopes that by publishing these incredible factual events, they may inspire you to take charge & “FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT”
Elvira hopes you find the inner peace, strength and ability to understand that your voice, Your actions or inactions…..Impact the Entire World…

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Do not stop believing in your self, make it work until your dreams are your reality.

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